Event information sharing service "Cals" starts


We will start the event information sharing service "Cals". Cals is a curation service that allows you to search, summarize and share event information by genre and region.

With Cals, you can create the following calendar that bundles event information,

Event information is categorized by genre, and can be confirmed by category, region, and year as shown below.

Also, the event creator has a profile page like the one below, where you can also search for calendars and events.

The number of publications is still small, but we would like to increase it little by little.

This service utilizes the event/calendar data standard "iCal (iCalendar)". All event data can be saved in iCal format files (.ics files).

It also supports a format called "iCal URL (Webcal)". This format does not save files and has a dedicated URL. If you register this URL in your calendar tool such as Google Calendar or Outlook, related events will be automatically displayed in the tool, and any changes in the calendar will be automatically reflected in Google Calendar and Outlook through the URL.

Through this system, we hope that Cals will become a place where you can meet events that interest you.

This service is based on Compekun (golf competition web app available since June 2020), and it was developed for studying Ruby on Rails 7 & Python (GIS, Natural language processing). So it will be treated as a beta version (no guarantee of operation).

You can register for free, but only users with author authority can create event calendars. If you would like author rights, please contact Feedback. We would like to gradually expand it based on the system stability. Even if you don't have author authority, you can still use the most important part of this service: bookmarking and liking the categories and regions you care about, and using the event information through the iCal URL (Webcal). Also, basic functions such as event search can be used without registration.

We also created a Twitter account (@calsday). We don't know how far we can go, but we hope to advance little by little. Our catchphrase is "Create and use together event calendars". We would like to you enjoy our service.

Yuki Shimazu & Cals management team members

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