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Bookmark / Like / Follow

It is convenient to use Bookmarks, Likes, and Follows to find events that interest you. By registering your interest in these genres, you can find your favorite event information through My feed pa... Read more


Bookmarks are a useful tool for finding interesting events. With the save function for calendars, events, areas, categories, and tags, after logging in, press near the heading at the top of the pa... Read more


In addition to being a convenient tool for searching for events that interest you, Like has a function that allows you to tell the event creator that you like it. It can be used for calendars and e... Read more


Following is not only a useful tool for finding events that interest you, but it also lets you show your support to the creator of the event. Available to users, you can follow them by logging in a... Read more

My feeds

My feed page is displayed when you press "My feed" at the top left of the screen. By bookmarking, liking, and following the genres you are interested in, you can find your favorite event informatio... Read more

Check Likes / Follows

You can check the likes and follows from other users with the notification function. If you press the bell mark icon button on the upper right of the screen, likes and follows within the past month... Read more

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